ITE 2018 Annual Meeting and Exhibt


Pathways are designed to facilitate the identification of plenary and technical sessions, workshops, technical tours and other activities of greatest interest to you. They also highlight key topics being addressed during the conference.

Complete Streets

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm: Multimodal Planning, Operations, Enforcement and Design for Optimized Curb Resources
  • Cycle-ology 201: New Strategies for Increasing Bicycle Usage and Mobility
  • Mission iMPOssible: Improving Access to Healthy Transportation Alternatives at a Regional Scale
  • Taking Care of Business: Complete Streets Implementation Around the U.S. and Canada
  • Stop Sending Mixed Signals: Effectively Managing Traffic Signal Operations in a Complete Streets Environment
  • Are We Finally Ready for BRT?
  • Enhancing Your Curb Appeal: Meeting the Needs of All Users in a Crowded Environment

Connected and Automated Vehicles

  • Real World Deployment and Testing of Connected and Automated Vehicles
    Connected and Automated Vehicles: Applications and Research
  • Planning for Connected and Automated Vehicles


  • ITE Town Hall
  • Equity 101
  • Local Leaders Perspective on the Future of Transportation
  • Working Together Across Generations and Disciplines
  • Innovations in Securing Public Support and Funding
  • Leading in a Time of Change

Smart Communities

  • Tools and Applications for Developing Smart Communities
  • Smart Communities Data and Research
  • The Role of Smart Signals and Infrastructure in Smart Communities

Transportation Systems Management and Operations

  • Advancing the State of the Practice: FHWA Traffic Analysis Tools
  • Systemic Operations: How Do We Make It Indispensable in a Transportation Organization
  • You Can Plan for It, But...Lessons Learned from Disaster Response and Event Management
  • Implementing Best Practices to Provide Safe Integration of Rail Transport
  • Signs and Signals - Innovations That Work

Trip Generation

  • What's New in Trip and Parking Generation

Vision Zero

  • New Tactics for Vision Zero: Tactical Urbanism and Quick Build Strategies
  • At the Corner of Safe and Efficient: New Observations on Alternative
  • Intersection Treatments to Reduce Crash Severity
  • Speeding Up the Slowdown: Strategies for More Intelligent Speed Management in Urban and Suburban Communities
  • The Safety Dance: Celebrating Vision Zero Successes and Expanding to Smaller Communities